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Autor: Redakcja | 06/10/2013
#1 | Mohmed dnia 17.12.2014 15:08
Yesterday I wrote in a yet-to-be finished white paper, "Learning with web 2.0 ivvnloes situated action, collaboration, coaching, and reflection -- not classes. Before web 2.0, instructors and instructional designers shaped the learning environment. The new learning is apt to be self-service, with workers serving as their own instructional designers and instructors. An individual's network for learning and working (which are the same thing) is an ever-changing collection of tools, links, and relationships: small pieces, loosely joined. New pieces are always being added on, as old ones are falling away. There is no center; where you enter depends upon what you are trying to accomplish."My work environment includes online portals, bookshelves, a telephone or two, and more. From what I read in the blogosphere, most people who use "PLE" are thinking primarily about the computer-mediated aspects. The term I'm starting to use for this is "interface." It can be my interface, my personal interface, my electronic interface but if it relies on the net on one end and me on the other, my interface is my end of the connection. Schools contend that the world comes in two flavors: in school and real life outside. It's time to stamp out this fiction. I fear that some of the PLE supporters want it understood that the "L" realm is their turf. Sorry, guys, no one has the monopoly on learning.
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